My Color Journey – Part 2

Last time, I described my personal journey down the rabbit hole of Personal Color Analysis up until the point at which I decided to pursue analyst training. For part 1, click here.

After making some tough decisions, I decided to go all in with color analysis. I contacted Terry Wildfong of Your Natural Design and inquired about training. I set money aside for training and material costs. I read everything I could about many different systems of color analysis. I spent hours on Pinterest and Polyvore, analyzing color combinations and trying to train my eyes to see the way an analyst sees. After deciding that the Sci/ART system was the best and most accurate color analysis system currently available, I reserved a training slot for August of 2015. I was passionate, and I felt good about where I was headed.

Analyst training was, succinctly, freakin’ incredible. I was eager to learn, and ecstatic to find out that I was actually kind of good at something (for what felt like the first time). It was amazing to learn how to apply the principles of color that I had studied for months to an actual human face. I couldn’t believe the transformation I saw in my first model, a Soft Autumn. The way the seemingly drab, muted drapes came alive next to her silver hair and striking eyes was almost overwhelming. I wanted to shout “I can see it! I can see it!” but I settled for telling her she looked lovely. Terry was knowledgeable, experienced, and a wonderful teacher. I will forever be grateful for the time and attention she spent on teaching me her craft.

When I came home, I was so full of excitement I could barely contain it. I went to Home Depot the very next day to buy neutral gray-colored paint for my studio, and I made my husband sit for me as my first solo draping (he’s a True Autumn, and a gorgeous one at that). I contacted all my close friends and family, asking if they’d sit for me. As a result, I saw a lot of Winters in those first few weeks, but I had learned from Terry that every face was a new challenge. I didn’t get everyone right when I was starting out, but I learned something new with every draping. I applied for a limited liability company, and I was almost ready to get up and running with real clients in the real world.

Then life took a turn, as life often does. My 22-year-old brother passed away unexpectedly in September 2015, which left my whole family in a tailspin. I struggled to cope, and I tried to continue with my business plan, but I was mentally and emotionally unable to commit the time and effort to growing Colorgeek. My health declined, my depression worsened, and ultimately I decided to put a hold on all of my big plans for my PCA business.

After a few months, I began taking clients. I continued to learn and grow as an analyst, and I even managed to form some strong friendships with the wonderful people within this community. Every new person posed a different challenge, and every new face told a different story. I began to enjoy PCA again, even in the midst of selling our condo and moving my studio to its new location in the greater Milwaukee area.

And now…?

This blog and website are my next big task. I’m hoping that writing about PCA and all that goes with it will help give some tangible answers to my clients, my potential clients, and just those who want to learn more. I’m still learning. I hope we can learn together.

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