A Small Change – B&A

Who doesn’t love a good before and after photo?


That’s a whole lot of my face right there.

On the left, I have on zero makeup. Now that you’ve recovered from your fainting spell, obviously brought about after the shock of that last sentence, you should know that I was up all night with a very upset ear-infected toddler the night before this was taken. Again, I know you’re shocked.

On the right, I have on tinted lip balm. That’s it. It’s not a particularly dark or bold shade, yet the difference it makes in my face is fairly significant. My skin looks fresher, my eyes are clearer, and overall my face is more in balance and awake than in the photo on the right. The photos were taken less than 30 seconds apart.

I often use this photo when I explain what I do. Sure, there are far more drastic before and after stories I can (and will) tell over time, but I like this one because it shows just how powerful small changes can be. You don’t need 104 lipsticks or a whole new wardrobe to look like you’ve pulled yourself together a bit. Do I still look tired on the left? Of course. But I looked, and more importantly, felt, better going into the pharmacy with a little bit of color on my face.

This is the power of color.

I’m wearing Fresh Sugar Berry Lip Treatment, available here


All photos are my own unless otherwise noted

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