I have some pretty stupendous clients. Some of them have decided to come alongside me as I attempt to use a capsule wardrobe for a whole month. We’re using the hashtag #colorgeekcapsule on social media, so if you’re not interested in a big old blog post, you can check out our progress on Instagram and Facebook.


What is a capsule wardrobe?

At its most basic, a capsule wardrobe is a small, usually seasonal group of carefully chosen clothing items. If you’re on a tight budget, or just want to reduce the amount of “stuff” in your life, a capsule can be a great choice.


What does this even have to do with PCA?

A Personal Color Analysis is incredibly helpful if you are considering a capsule wardrobe. Not only do all the colors in your season work with your body, they all work well with each other. Since a cornerstone of capsule-ing is creating new and fresh clothing combinations, knowing from the start that all the colors in your wardrobe will harmonize is comforting. Wearing a teal top with orange jeans? No problem if they’re both in your season! The same teal top can then be worn with khakis, a gray skirt, or even under a coral dress.


For our challenge…


  1. You must take a picture of all your items at the beginning of the month for accountability.
  2. You must take a picture of every outfit you wear each day.
  3. You may not repeat a bottoms/top/shoes combination for the whole month.

Truly, that was it! Some people chose to swap out certain items before starting, but the template for the item list was as follows:


2 skirts

5 pants, jeans, or leggings

3 dresses

3 short-sleeve T-shirts

2 long-sleeve T-shirts

5 blouses or pullover sweaters

5 cardigans or jackets

5 shoes, boots, etc.

2 scarves

2 bags


Unlimited Items:



Hosiery (socks, tights, etc.)

Outerwear (when not part of the “outfit”)


And there you have it! For the entire month of October, my team and I will be testing out a capsule wardrobe in our respective seasons and reporting back with our findings! I’m hoping this will help us all push the boundaries of PCA and discover what a tiny wardrobe can really offer.


Speaking of my team, I’d like to introduce them to you.


Alane, The Colorgeek


Season: Dark Winter

Personal Style: Snow White meets Twiggy

Why I’m taking the challenge: To push myself away from my more-is-more shopping habits. I’m excited to make some new combinations with my pieces, things I’d never otherwise put together! Also to limit the amount of black I put on my body. Seriously, my closet is 90% black. I am the biggest hypocrite ever.




Season: True Spring

Personal Style: Sunshine hippy chick

Why I’m taking the challenge: General minimization. I had to include stuff I can wear to teach, and I have 100 more tshirts so it was hard to choose. It’s going to be hard to wear dresses day to day so I might save them for weekends. Another personal rule was no lularoe, but I made an exception for my one Irma since its awesome, and nothing against lularoe, but I wanted to try to expand my horizons.




Season: Dark Autumn

Personal Style: Comfy, layered, and sophisticated?! (I’m tired of being told I look like I’m a 16 year old in the professional world)

Why I’m taking the challenge: I’m doing the challenge in order to play with the clothes I have and perhaps weed out clothes that I really don’t wear or don’t play well with others. I took liberty to adjust the list some to accommodate my job. Can I just say also #targetmeronavnecksforthewin?




Season: Soft Summer

Personal Style: Cute and Comfy

Why I’m taking the challenge: My style has to be really versatile because I spend my days doing a lot of different things. I could go from a meeting where I need to be dressed up to a dirty shop. My dress pants often end up with dust everywhere. I’m also a mom to a toddler boy, so again I like to look put together, but chances are I will end up filthy. Also, I don’t wear jewelry so I’m terrified of only 3 scarves as I collect them and have around 25.




Season: Soft Autumn

Personal Style: Personal Style: Preppy / girly / most of my clothes are from the Gap

Why I’m taking the challenge: I have a lot of fall clothes in my season, but I get stuck making the same outfits over and over. Plus I have a closet full of clothes I barely wear. So this might finally convince me to clean house.




Season: Bright Winter

Personal Style: outdoors-y with occasional influence from the Middle East.

Why I’m taking the challenge: I find it overwhelming to choose something to wear in the morning and I think narrowing the options will help create new outfits without lots of stress. I’m also excited to choose clothes exclusively in my season.




Season: Light Summer who likes to push the line to Bright Winter

Personal Style: Casual sophisticated with an edge

Why I’m taking the challenge: In building my wardrobe I’ve collected some items that I really don’t love. This is a great way for me to thin my closet while adding some very purposeful items.


Stay tuned for our end-of-the-month photo collages and thoughts! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #colorgeekcapsule!


All photos used with permission

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