Capsule Wardrobe Aftermath

We made it!

My team and I finished our #Colorgeekcapsule challenge, and we’d like to share our experiences.

We limited our closets to just 36 items for a whole month, and it was quite an experience. To meet my team, click here.

**Note that some of my team members are still getting their photos together, because life. I’ll update this post as more people give me their thoughts.**

What were your most used items?

My black ankle boots, sparkly rain boots, blue jeans, and black jeans. And my cat shirt.

So many jeans. So many boots.

What were your least used items?

Well, I just realized when I was tallying my things up that I didn’t wear my kitten heels at all this month. So. Oops.

Forgive me, Capsule, for I have failed you

What were your favorite outfits?

I loved the green dress with the purple top and tights. I felt like myself, was comfortable, and limited my black! My cat shirt layered over the stripes was also a very “me” look that I was successfully able to pull off while momming, which is huge for me. And finally, the combo of my patterned leggings with the quilted dress will definitely be worn again. Perfect for a night out!

Hey, look. Boots.

What was your biggest takeaway from this experience?

I need to be more mindful about trying to work any new items I buy into several different outfits before I decide to keep them. I was surprised that some of the items I thought I’d be wearing all the time (like my super comfy blue star sweater) didn’t actually go with a lot of things in my capsule.  The items I wanted to cheat with most were basics – a slightly different cut of jeans, or a differently shaped cardigan for layering.

Would you consider a capsule wardrobe long-term?

HELL no. I mean that in the best way possible.

Look, I love clothing, okay? I love the way I feel when I totally nail a look that perfectly expresses who I am. Do I need to downsize? Of course. I went through my whole closet on November 1st and donated some redundant items, things that don’t hang right on me, and pieces I’m just not in love with. But I’m a Gamine. I need quirk, and I’ll always be a sucker for a snazzy cropped sweater or the perfect graphic tee.  This was fun, and certainly eye opening, but I am okay with not being a clothing minimalist.


What were your most used items?

My most used item was one of my coral cardigans which I wore 5 times, also both pairs of jeans were worn 8 and 10 times.

Coral waterfally goodness
What were your least used items?

My least worn were my 2 skirts, my dress slacks and my maxi dress

She’s a vision, no?
What were your favorite outfits?

My favorite 3 outfits were made with my short dress and my maxi wrap skirt. They aren’t as comfortable, so I didn’t wear them more

Effortlessly cool, just as a Bold Natural should be!
What was your biggest takeaway from this experience?

My biggest takeaway from the experience was that I don’t need that many clothes. I don’t wear dresses and skirts as often as I thought, and no longer feel bad about the number of pairs of jeans I have because I wear them the most. It’s helped me see where in my wardrobe I have too many choices and what I need more of because I wear it more often.

Would you consider a capsule wardrobe long-term?

I probably wouldn’t use a capsule long term because my season is hard to find, so it wouldn’t be easy to replace items. I also get bored easily. I don’t mind a capsule for work clothes however, since I work part time and only need so many things to make that work.


What were your most used items?

Blanket scarf (7 times), Striped shirts (5 times), Olive short sleeve & Greenish/yellow long sleeve shirt (both 4 times), also cardigans!

I can see why this scarf was a favorite – looks so comfy!

What were your least used items?

Yellow shirt (worn once, but it was a fav before the capsule), Multi color plaid shirt & blue plaid shirt (both worn once), and yellow pants (worn twice, they don’t fit well). Other things I wore only twice as well, but I figured I wouldn’t wear the dress/skirts as often.

So classic and lovely.

What were your favorite outfits?

I feel like this was actually hard to narrow down.

Cardigan and scarf!

What was your biggest takeaway from this experience?

I learned how to be confident in what I wear by being brave to mix and match items. I learned the reason I don’t wear certain clothes is because they don’t fit me well. Quality over quantity. I also learned more about my style and how I feel confident because I know the outfit works on me.

Would you consider a capsule wardrobe long-term?

I would consider a capsule wardrobe long term. I would need to do some major cutting of my wardrobe. I plan to weed out some clothes, just not probably as much as I should.

I would recommend this experience to others!


What were your most used items?

Nude flats (worn 15 times!) – not a surprise to me. They’re my faves, and if Payless ever discontinues them I’ll be SO sad. I go buy a new pair every six months or so.

Also, I wore my jeans nine times. I put mostly “work clothes” into my capsule because I felt like I needed options there, but realized about halfway through the month that I really do prefer to wear jeans over anything else on my “off” days (casual Fridays + weekends). My work and weekend style can be pretty different, so I almost feel like I would need two separate capsules.

Overachiever sent me her whole capsule.

What were your least used items?

Least used item: so many! There were SIX THINGS I only wore once (both skirts, three shirts and a cardigan). One was technically an “oops” because I forgot I traded it out for a different shirt earlier in the month. An additional 15 things were only worn twice (yep, I typed it all into Excel and counted, because I’m a nerd). So that means that even with a limited wardrobe, I tend to lean on certain pieces / outfits disproportionately.

To be fair, though, I can chalk up a good amount of this to the fact that I’m nearing the end of my first trimester of my first pregnancy. I wasn’t sure what to expect with clothing fit, and I hadn’t been wearing most of these clothes before I created my capsule as I was just transitioning to my fall wardrobe. So some of the items I stopped wearing because they were tighter or more uncomfortable than I anticipated.

What were your favorite outfits?

Not what I thought it would be when I put together my capsule. In fact, today on my first day of “freedom,” I’m wearing one of these exact outfits.

Cute and comfy. Isn’t that what we all want?

What was your biggest takeaway from this experience?

I need more color. When I was first draped and re-vamping my wardrobe, I leaned way too far on the neutral side and when I see all my outfits side-by-side, I can see that it’s a bit boring. While I don’t want to do a capsule long-term, this has proven that I definitely don’t need as many clothes as I have. Also, I’m just about ready to cave and buy some maternity clothes, and this has proven that with a few staples and flexible pieces I can get through this season without buying too much

Would you consider a capsule wardrobe long-term?

I don’t think I’ll do a capsule long-term. This was fun, but I miss my clothes that weren’t in my capsule, and I kept wanting to switch things out throughout the month when I realized I wasn’t wearing something. I’m DEFINITELY going to clean out my closet and get rid of the things I didn’t miss this month, though.

I like this short-term challenge — I may do this once or twice a year for a month. If I do, I think I’ll wait until I’m fully transitioned between seasons — this month was one of the first times I wore some of these clothes as I was just transitioning out of summer/warmer clothes, and not everything fit the way I remembered or I didn’t like it as much as the previous year.

What were your most used items?

My long sleeves shirts (purple and green) and my mustard scarf.

*Heart eyes emoji*
What were your least used items?

My brown dress skirt. I only wore it once.

Dad photobomb!
What was your biggest takeaway from this experience?

I have too many clothes. Things I don’t wear. Things that don’t fit well. Items that I only wear once in a great while. I am striving towards minimalism and I have a long way to go.

Cute button details
Would you consider a capsule wardrobe long-term?

I’m actually planning to try this again in the near future. This was really helpful to narrow down my wardrobe. There are pieces I don’t wear and things I don’t like that I have kept because they were expensive or I feel like I need to keep dress clothes… I would like to eliminate more pieces and replace those that I didn’t like having in the capsule.



To see everyone’s complete capsule, check out #colorgeekcapsule on Instagram!


All photos used with permission

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