I Hate My Season – Now What?

People tend to react to a PCA in one of two ways.

The first way is with excitement and enthusiasm. They love the colors of their season, they can’t wait to go shopping and update their look, or they just had a great time at the appointment. They skip out my door with their fan, feeling happy and beautiful.

Or they leave feeling completely overwhelmed. Maybe they are mourning the loss of a favorite shade of green on their fan, or feel that the overall palette is too bright/light/boring for their personal style. They might feel completely shaken at the idea of having to shop for their season on their own, convinced they’ll never make the right choice.

Sometimes, people just downright hate their season.

I get that. Here’s how to move forward.

Remember why we chose it

After every appointment, I send clients a detailed description of how and why we decided on their season. I specifically point out the things we saw during the draping, such as redness in the cheeks, graying of the teeth, or bluish tone to the lips. Looking over this document is helpful when you’re not feeling great about your season. Remembering how harshly shadowed you became in Winter drapes, or how ashen and dull your skin appeared in Summer can help remind you why your season is the most flattering for your unique tone. We didn’t pick your season because of the colors themselves, but because of what the colors did to your face.

Bright Spring – But we’re not paying as much attention to the colors as we are to her beautiful face.

Try to pinpoint the reason

Do you really dislike the way muted colors look on the hanger? Does a certain shade of red remind you of a team you despise? Will you just never ever pick up a plum lipstick in a million zillion years? Thinking of what specifically turns you off from your palette can give you a better direction when it comes to making better wardrobe choices. You will wear your season differently than anyone else, and that’s something to celebrate. Just because you’re a Bright Winter doesn’t mean you have to wear red lipstick. Just because you’re a Soft Summer doesn’t mean you never get to wear anything bright again. PCA is about changing the way we look at color. There is so much variance in every season that most everyone is able to find an “area” within their palette to exist.

Every palette has a range of softer and bolder, lighter and darker, warmer and cooler. Find what works for you.

Look at your season a bit closer

I had one client who was utterly convinced that her season was correct for her, but couldn’t get over how “dull” she found the colors. She had the brilliant idea to change her phone background to a photograph complementing that season, and in just a few days of being more exposed to the colors, she found herself warming up to them. You don’t have to change your preferences, but buying a coffee mug or a pack of pens for your desk in your season’s colors can help you get used to seeing them every day. If your season is a big change from the colors you normally tend to gravitate towards, it makes perfect sense that you might have to retrain your eye to see why they’re beautiful.

Give it a shot

I always strongly encourage people to live in their season for a few weeks or months before giving up. It’s not that I’m trying to convince anyone to abandon what they love, but most of the time people come to me for a PCA because they want a change, or at least an update. Give your season a fair chance and see what happens. I’m not saying you’ll eventually stop loving black altogether, but you may see over time how charcoal really is a better choice for your skin tone. Switching your tinted lip balm from a berry to a coral might make you realize how bright your eyes truly are. Find an area of your palette you do like, and give it a try before throwing in the towel.

You don’t have to go full #Colorgeekcapsule, but find some colors you do like and go from there

Ask for help

I live for this stuff, you guys. I’m called the Color Geek because I really, truly, geek out over this stuff. Send me a photo of yourself in a fitting room trying on something that you’d never otherwise pick up. Visit my services page here and set up a time for me to come swatch some of your newly-purchased items so we can see if you’re on the right track. I’ll even come shopping with you and point out why the things you’re picking work (or don’t work). I am always here to answer any and all questions you have, and it is my absolute pleasure to make sure you’re feeling happy and beautiful in your own skin.


If that doesn’t work…

It is rare, but there have been times when I’ve redraped someone and come to a different conclusion than the first time. There are a multitude of reasons for this, all of which entirely depend on your unique situation. I would be happy to discuss a redrape if you are truly feeling uncomfortable in your season. Note that I will encourage you to employ the strategies above before deciding a redrape is the best course of action for you. Never be afraid to approach me about this!


Now go forth and try it out!






All photos used with permission


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