Things I Love About True Winter

New year, new series.

I haven’t gone into much detail about the individual seasons yet. I didn’t have any idea how to approach describing each individual season. How could I possibly condense all twelve into a single post when there’s so much I love about each and every one?

The answer: Make each season an individual post, Geek.

January seemed like a good time to start a series like this, since there are twelve seasons. For reasons nobody in the color world can determine (yet somehow everyone knows to be true), each season corresponds to a specific month. So each month, I’ll be posting all the things I love about that particular season, along with lots of photo examples.


For tons of visual representations of True Winter, check out my Pinterest Boards.


January – True Winter

I always picture the Aurora Borealis when I think about True Winter. The way those dazzlingly bright hues look almost transparent against an inky black sky is positively mesmerizing – just like the True Winter palette.

In a way, TW is a palette of opposites. There are such stark contrasts between the darker and lighter ends of the season, from clear aqua to the deep, rich indigos of royal robes. Black, white, and red make such a classic combination for this season, and it’s no wonder the fashion world has taken notice.

The people who fall into this category have this unique and utterly enchanting way of making these cool, icy, vibrant hues look perfectly at home. They don’t necessarily read as bright or bold on them, since their natural coloring provides a strong match for the colors. TW is the woman who can make a magenta lip look naturally gorgeous, and it’s the man who looks no less than dashing in a classic black suit with a white tie.

Some gorgeous TW faces

My personal favorite color in this season has got to be the clear, lemon yellow. Yellow is such an underrated color in general, but the way the TW can pull off this vibrant shade without any effort at all is, quite frankly, jaw-dropping.

What’s your favorite thing about your season?


Next Month: Bright Winter


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All photos of individuals used with permission.

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