Things I Love About Bright Winter

As part of my ongoing series to explore every one of the twelve seasons, here are all the things I love about Bright Winter!

February – Bright Winter

For tons of visual representations of Bright Winter, check out my Pinterest Boards.

Imagine walking through a snowy forest on a brisk, clear winter’s day. Everything is neutral – shades of white, gray, and brown dominate the landscape. Suddenly, you happen upon a tree bearing bright, juicy red berries. The whole scene comes alive thanks to that one little burst of color. The Bright Winter palette is full of those bold, happy shades!


The phrase “a pop of color” seems to have been coined for this season. The hues do just that – they positively POP against the icy grays, clear charcoals, and even coffee browns that make up this season’s neutrals. Bright Winter, more than possibly any other season, thrives on this high level of contrast, and it’s one of the things that make this season so utterly beautiful and striking.


Bright Winter individuals evoke those same “pop of color” feelings. Their eyes alone are dazzlingly clear, like the jewel tones they wear so well. While nobody needs makeup to wear their season well, Bright Winters can pull off a bold lip like nobody’s business – and make it look completely effortless to boot!


Bright, bold, and beautiful


My favorite color from this palette? It’s got to be the hot pink. Nobody else can rock this daring shade and make it look as perfectly at home!



What’s your favorite thing about your season?


Next month: Bright Spring


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All photos of individuals used with permission.

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