Color Myths: I Need Makeup

Do I NEED makeup to pull off my season?


Short answer: No.


Long answer: Absolutely not.


Longer answer:


It’s almost always Winters who ask this question. If they’re not used to wearing much (or any) makeup, they take one look at the list of deep reds, hot pinks, and cool plums that make up part of the recommended makeup list and become discouraged.


“But I’m never going to wear those! Can I really be a [your season here] if I hate makeup?”


Of course. Think back to your draping.


We did it without makeup, because we wanted to see which season worked best with your natural, un-makeuped skin tone. We didn’t choose your season with the thought of adding makeup to make it work, it already worked on its own.


Without any makeup at all, we chose the season that made you look refreshed, healthy, and, well, like YOU. We chose the season that seemed to be a natural extension of your own personal coloring.


Makeup that complements your season will also complement you, of course. A Dark Autumn can wear wine-colored blush, and she will look fabulous doing it. But she doesn’t need to do it in order to look fabulous, or to look like a Dark Autumn. She already looks like a Dark Autumn because she is one.


It’s perfectly fine if your color journey begins and ends with clothing. For some, this is their only goal with PCA – to curate a coordinated closet that harmonizes with their personal coloring. That’s great! Nobody gets to decide how you wear your season but you.


So, if you’re a Bright Winter, you don’t ever need to wear a hot pink lipstick if it doesn’t make you happy. Your colors work with your natural skin, hair, and eye color without any help from cosmetics. I never want anyone to leave my studio feeling as though they need to change who they are in order to make this work. It’s simply not true.


3 thoughts on “Color Myths: I Need Makeup

  1. Well put! A very empowering message which challenges current beauty norms. That’s one of the things I like most about PCA, that it’s trend-critical.


  2. Sofia, I’d disagree with you in that makeup is currently “trendy” or a beauty norm – in fact it’s actually the opposite, the so-called “natural”, “nude” or “no-makeup” look is currently very trendy! A look that looks all but natural on most seasons, though… And those most other seasons should be empowered to wear the makeup that feels right to them, not to try to sport the trendy “no-makeup” look!

    As someone who loves makeup & has it as a hobby, I admittedly find it very hard to understand how any woman could *not* enjoy makeup at all, but we are all different, and I know that not everyone enjoys it as much as I do. But to state that it’s nowadays a beauty norm or trend to wear makeup is just simply misleading.


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