New Beginnings

Well, hello there.

Remember me? I almost don’t. But I’m back again after a difficult pregnancy, the birth of a healthy son, and some much-needed physical, emotional, and mental rest. I’m now fully ready for 2018, a year I hope will move me further along on my color journey. I hope you’ll join me.


To come in 2018:
  • A fresh start to my “Things I Love” series. This was a popular series on the blog, and I loved writing it. I’ll once again be writing a new post every month full of things that make each of the 12 seasons beautifully unique.
  • More real-life tips on how to live in and love your coloring. Swatching tutorials, makeup recommendations, and fashion advice will be the focus here, to make your life easier post-draping.
  • A new series on personal styling. Color, much as I adore it, is only one way we express ourselves. I’ve been developing and refining my own ideas of how to curate a fully cohesive wardrobe, and I’m so excited to share them.
  • Real talk. I’m still working on loving myself, inside and out. Though this is mainly a resource blog for those who are interested in color analysis, I’m understanding that the “image industry” opens us up to so many potentially negative ideas about how we “should” look. I fully believe in color analysis and personal styling as wonderful tools, but at the end of the day, my goal is simply to provide guidance in helping you express the most authentic version of yourself. I’m still working out what exactly that means, but it is my hope that we can journey together and celebrate each other with joy.


As always, I’ll be taking appointments for color analysis and personal styling through my contact page here. I’d love to meet you and discover your best colors and truest self together.


Here’s to 2018


-The Colorgeek

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