Personal Styling Services Update

We all know I love color. I’m fascinated by it – how it affects the way we’re perceived, the way we present ourselves, and the way our closets come together. But let’s be real now; a piece of clothing is much more than color. It’s lines, it’s fit, it’s fabric, and it’s texture as well. I’ve long been thinking about how I can marry color, line, and lifestyle into a service that is true to the individual as well as providing objective answers about what works and what doesn’t. Over the past year and a half, I’ve been offering styling sessions in addition to color analysis.

There are already many image-based analysis systems out there currently, and they all offer unique strategies to finding out what works with your body. For the system I’ve developed, the focus is on figuring out how to mesh your personal style (or your style aspirations) to the things that are true about your face and body. Just like my approach to color, my approach to style is all about helping you present the most authentic version of you to the world.


So what will this service actually look like?

I’ve curated a short list of questions that will give us raw data about your face and body. Things about your bone structure, like height, don’t really change and will give us a starting point. This is an important step in the process, but its a rather small part of the big picture.

We then have a talk about your lifestyle. What do you do all day? How does clothing impact your life? What are some nonnegotiables for your clothing? How do fit, fabric, movement, aesthetics, and comfort all work together in your mind? This will help us understand what you specifically need to be looking for.

Finally, and this is by far the most important piece of the puzzle, what do you want to look and feel like in your clothes? What do you want to project to the world? It is my personal philosophy that style is much more fluid than color. A color is a color – it doesn’t change, and it cannot be “made” to work with something it’s just not going to work with. The same dress, however, can look fantastic on hundreds of people, even though they will wear it very differently. That’s the aim of this section of the process. We’ll combine the objective with the subjective in a way that is perfectly suited to you and you alone.


So while this isn’t a new service I’m offering, I’ll be writing more about how to work with both style AND color. This just seemed like a good time to officially state that the Colorgeek is also a Stylegeek.


But Colorgeek sounds cuter, so I’m sticking with that name.




You can book a personal styling session and/or a color analysis here.



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