February – Bright Winter

Some of my Bright Winter drapes


Bright Winter is such a fun season. That’s always the first word that comes to mind when I look at the palette. It’s bold, it’s cheerful, and its dazzling array of clear, cool shades are unlike anything else in the color world. BW can handle more contrast than any other season, and the hues themselves look downright shiny no matter where they’re found. I always seem to describe BW in terms of jewel tones, without even really thinking about it. It’s just that sapphire, ruby, emerald, and diamond white all evoke the clear, cold, brightness of BW so beautifully.


Still cool and clear, but with a hint of sunny warmth



Things that are easy

  • Makeup
    • When you think of the classic red Hollywood lip color (I’m looking at you, MAC Ruby Woo), you’ve nailed the signature BW shade. Bright red and hot pink lipsticks that work for BW are everywhere, making this season an easier transition in terms of makeup.
  • “Wow” factor
    • Statement pieces, such as shoes, bags, coats, and formal wear seem to always come in BW options. Since BW is thought of as more of a “look at me” season, the fashion world loves to use these colors on standout clothing. That said, on a person who IS a BW, these colors will look perfectly at home and not read as loud the way they would on someone not of that season.
  • Jewelry with stones
    • See above re: shiny jewel tones! So much jewelry works well with this season since polished metals and clear, gleaming gemstones harmonize beautifully with the palette. Though I would love to see more people choose colored stones for their wedding jewelry in general, a classic white diamond is simply lovely on a BW. (But so would be a gorgeous sapphire or yellow diamond!)






Things that are hard

  • Casual clothes
    • BWs can struggle with plain old jeans and a t-shirt. To support the natural strength of this person’s coloring, they need colors with a high level of saturation, which is sometimes difficult to find outside of business, formal, and athletic wear. Jeans have to be quite dark and very blue-toned, with minimal fading, and cotton fabrics don’t hold bold colors well, particularly after a few washes.
  • More subtle shades
    • There are certainly colors within the BW range that aren’t bold on their own. The struggle BWs face is finding colors that can harmonize with the bold colors without being overpowered. Black and white are obvious choices here, but light, clear, flat grays can be beautiful, as well as cool espresso browns. The elusive BW taupe (I’ve seen it!) can rein in a more commanding color, or can stand alone for a neutral outfit. BWs simply have to work harder to find and incorporate these colors.
  • Icies
    • Those dang icies. Instagram me @thecolorgeek if you find one, because it’s like seeing a unicorn.



Oh icy, where are you?



Biggest Misconception

Bright Winter doesn’t HAVE to be bright. Hear me out. BW can be a somewhat intimidating season for some people. They take one look at those bright pinks and greens and tell me “I’ll never wear that!” That’s fine! Nobody should wear anything they don’t like. Period. Color analysis comes with suggestions, though, so even if this person doesn’t like bright colors, we focus on the darker colors, the neutrals, and the other ways we can bridge the gap between what we saw in the draping and what works with that person’s unique style. None of this works if you don’t feel amazing and comfortable, and if you don’t want to wear bright, you don’t have to wear bright.



All Bright Winter, but very grounded



My favorite shade

Hands down, it’s the Bright Winter hot pink. I tell my kids all the time that there are no such things as “girl colors” and “boy colors,” there are just colors. Pink may be associated with the feminine, but I love this shade on every BW. Rock it, friends!



I couldn’t resist this BW pot for my (very overgrown) succulents. Does it go with the rest of my home? No. Do I care? Also no.





Next month: Bright Spring


Previous posts: True Winter


All photos credited to Colorgeek Studio, LLC unless otherwise noted. Photos are meant to evoke the feelings associated with each season, and are not guaranteed for seasonal accuracy due to variations in lighting and screen resolution.

18 thoughts on “February – Bright Winter

  1. All great except there IS such a thing as girl colours and boy colours. Even if feminists are hell bent on destroying all the lovely distinctions and differences between the feminine and the masculine.
    A BW man can look terrific in hot pink but will I respect him? Not really.
    And try dressing policemen in pink instead of the usual black and white and see how much respect they command!!!


      1. It’s one thing to have an opinion and quite another to try to pass it as law.
        Why don’t we just agree that BOTH of our perspectives are correct for us instead of calling mine “interesting”?
        I don’t call it interesting. Colour is important and each has a message based on intrinsic connotations.
        People form an unconscious opinion about us in the very few seconds of meeting us.
        Colour plays an important part of it.
        In the past people were much wiser and knew it.
        These days we are much more ignorant, sadly.


      2. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, just as I am entitled to post an article voicing my own opinions on my own business page. I wholeheartedly agree that our color choices say something about us! Isn’t it fascinating how color opinions and connections have changed over the course of history?

        Hope you’re having a nice day!


      3. I am having a nice day, thank you.
        The fact that it’s published on a page like this – where people form opinions – has prompted me to address this misconception.
        With all due respect for the other content, SOME people’s opinions on colour have changed.
        Certainly not EVERYBODY’S. Therefore to say “there’s no this or that” seems a bit over the top?
        And could YOU imagine policemen wearing pink frilly shirts and bootleg jeans and people still taking them seriously?
        I’m really curious about your opinion.
        If you’re willing to share it, of course.
        Have a nice day! 😊


      4. I’m glad to hear it! I’m having a fantastic day as well, though the weather here is a little gloomy.

        At the end of the day, my opinion is that colors are entirely too large of categories to write off as purely masculine or purely feminine. I’m interested in finding the colors that best complement a person’s natural tones, and it is up to them to decide which ones they like to wear.

        And general color opinions have indeed changed over time, as well as being wildly different across cultures. It’s one of the parts of color that is so fascinating and exciting for me – how is it that two people can look at a color and have it mean something entirely different to each of them? It’s so cool to think about!

        For a small bit of further reading on how different color perspectives can be:




        I appreciate the conversation!

        Keep having a great day!


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