March – Bright Spring

Some of my Bright Spring drapes



Looking at the Bright Spring palette, the first thing that comes to mind is always a tropical vacation. If there’s a season that embodies hanging out next to a dazzling turquoise ocean with a pina colada, it’s got to be BSp. There’s a surprising earthy quality to this season that I feel is often missed in favor of the bright, bold colors that are usually associated with it. With so many lush greens and warm golden hues, it really just brings to mind the bursting forth of new life after a long winter (or maybe I’m just projecting because I live in Wisconsin and March is pretty dang dreary). Those happy pinks, sunny corals, and bright oranges look so much like the flowers that are hopefully not too far away.


photo credit Joel Mertes @joel1kenobi Instagram




Things that are easy

  • Warm weather clothing
    • There is some truth to the fact that it’s easier to find clothing in a specific color season when it’s actually that time of year. This is especially true for Springs. BSp clothing is everywhere in the warmer months, as people are desperate to shed their heavier “winter” colors in favor of brighter, warmer ones. As a color analyst, I have to caution the rest of the seasons not to be taken in by the fashion world’s message that you MUST wear Spring colors in spring and summer months. But for those who are actually Springs, it’s time to stock up on those amazing colors that are more difficult to find the rest of the year!
  • Neutrals
    • Surprisingly, BSp has a fairly easy time finding neutral colors. Due to the benefit of the Spring family’s warmth, they can wear cognac, khaki, and beige with a good dose of brown. But because BSp borders Winter, they have a fair number of clear grays, bright navy shades, and lighter-toned blacks that can also be worked into many outfits.
  • Non-clothing items
    • BSp seems to be the go-to season for “bold.” Cars, wall art, notebooks, curtains, pet collars, kids’ toys… whenever a designer wants to give something a bright, happy pop of color, it seems to be a BSp shade! My own house has quite a bit of BSp, despite the fact that Spring is probably the worst seasonal family for my skin tone. I just can’t resist these colors!


As evidenced by my obsession with my BSp galaxy rug





Things that are hard

  • Makeup
    • Like Winters, BSp has a hard time with what we usually associate with “natural” makeup. They do have the advantage of being able to wear warmer toned eyeshadows and blushes, which seem to be more popular than cooler tones, but barely there colors can be difficult to find in shades that can support the strength of the BSp coloring. Even bolder lips are less common in BSp colors than the neighboring BW and TSp, which means this season really needs to hone in on what works for them specifically and stock up on things in that range.
  • Low Contrast
    • Monochromatic schemes are sometimes difficult for the BSp. This season lends itself so well to pops of color and bold colorblocking, so it can be difficult for people who don’t want line breaks in their clothing. Things like dresses and suits can help with this, but even simple jeans and a T-shirt seem to make a statement when your jeans have to be so saturated and warm toned to fit with your season.
  • Color retention
    • Bright seasons always lament about how they buy a perfect item of clothing, wash it twice, and it’s no longer their color. I’m barely competent when it comes to laundry, but learning how to keep colors bright has been an important skill for keeping my clothing squarely in my season.


I know it’s kind of insufferable when people take food photos, but COME ON




Biggest Misconception

The question of “who gets neon” comes up fairly frequently, mostly from people who think it doesn’t look fabulous on them. The thing about color analysis is that we’re looking specifically for color families that complement colors that naturally occur in human beings. Neon shades don’t really belong in any season because humans don’t naturally have colors that are quite that strong. The season closest to these shades is absolutely BSp, so they are the ones that tend to play in neon the most if they choose.


Bright, but not neon bright




My favorite shade

I am obsessed with BSp turquoise. I used to wear this color all the time before being draped, and now that I know what works best for me, I still surround myself with it as much as I can. Sometimes literally.

My BSp car makes me so happy on rainy days



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All photos credited to Colorgeek Studio, LLC unless otherwise noted. Photos are meant to evoke the feelings associated with each season, and are not guaranteed for seasonal accuracy due to variations in lighting and screen resolution.

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