April – True Spring

Some of my True Spring drapes



As a purely warm season, you can almost feel the sunshine radiating from the True Spring palette. Looking at the colors, I can’t help but think of the feeling I get on that first warm, sunny day of the year; the day we all go outside, blinking in the brightness, wearing far less clothing than we would at the same temperature in the autumn. (Unless you live in Wisconsin in 2018, apparently, because this April we had not one, but two huge snowstorms that left rather unSpringlike feelings in the air.) At its core, this season is so reminiscent of the new life that’s all around us at this time of year – from verdant, rich greens to flowery pinks, and even the warm tans and yellows of new baby fawns and ducklings.




Just plain happy


Things that are easy

  • Pops of color
    • TSp is a pretty easy season to ease your way into with small touches of color. I often tell newly draped TSps to start with a scarf, a necktie, or even just a lipstick to start bringing that sunny warmth into their wardrobes. I can almost always find TSp accessories when shopping for a client, whether a bright pair of coral shoes or a funky orange beanie. Incorporating these little pops can make a brighter season a bit more attainable, particularly if the transition to TSp seems intimidating.
  • Gold jewelry
    • Jewelry is pretty effortless for the TSp, since almost anything with a clear gold metal will complement the palette. Gold jewelry is really having a moment in fashion right now, which means pieces that work with this season are everywhere and relatively affordable. This is another fairly easy shift for those who have been recently draped TSp.
  • Hair dye
    • I am constantly telling people who belong to cool and cool-neutral seasons to be very careful when they choose hair dye, since most dyes tend to warm as they fade. For TSp, this works in their favor, since as a pure warm season, it’s usually pretty difficult to get a dye that is too warm for their coloring. Of course, TSps still need to be intentional when choosing dye to work with their season just like anyone else, but they have a much easier time finding something that will work well.




My lovely friend @katemfowler is a TSp goddess and posts all kinds of gorgeous photos on her Instagram page. (Swatchbook fan from True Colour International truecolour.com.au)




Things that are hard

  • Color variety
    • TSps tend to find their emerald green, coral, and orange rather easily in stores. When it comes to colors outside that range, though, it can be pretty difficult to track them down. While there are plenty of cobalt blues, orchid purples, and warm pinks in the TSp range, the TSp version tends to be overlooked for similar colors in the Winter and Summer families. This means that many TSps end up with closets full of green, coral, orange and khaki, but if those aren’t their favorite colors in the palette, it can get discouraging.
  • Menswear
    • Suits for TSp can be especially difficult. They can’t really cheat with Winter black the way some BSps can, and grays are often too cool, more suitable for Summers. Khaki or beige suits can be a great choice, but for many, these are seen as only appropriate for warmer months or more informal events (a standard I would like to see change, personally, but the fashion world seems particularly stuck when it comes to menswear).
  • Year round shopping
    • I’ve said before that it is usually easiest to find a particular season’s clothing at the time of year that it corresponds with, but for Springs, this is particularly true. Those bright, happy colors that remind us of the warmest times of year are far and away most available in the spring and summer. Particularly for non-accessory items, such as shirts, pants, dresses, and blouses, it’s difficult for TSps to find their colors during the colder months.




June the Autoharp is a True Spring. I’m aware that June is an unoriginal name for an Autoharp.


Biggest Misconception

We are taught that “warm” colors are red, orange, and yellow, and that “cool” colors are blue, green, and purple. This is true from an art theory perspective, but according to the Munsell color theory off of which my Personal Color Analysis service is based, there is a range of cooler and warmer in every color. TSps are often surprised to hear that they can still wear green and blue as a warm season, and that in fact, one of the most difficult colors for them to find will be their orange-based, tomato red! Learning the difference between warm and cool as it relates to PCA is one of the more difficult things about changing the way we see our colors, but it opens up so many possibilities as well. Just because TSp is warm doesn’t mean they have to give up colors we have always thought of as cool.




GeekBaby #1 wearing warmer versions of “cool” colors




My favorite shade

When I was 13, I painted my room lime green, so I’ve had a long-standing love affair with this color. However, nobody wears it like a TSp! I love how this eye-catching shade can look so perfectly at home when it’s paired with other TSp colors, but it also just makes me happy when I look at it.




Lime green and kayaking? I’m there.



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Light Spring


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All photos credited to Colorgeek Studio, LLC unless otherwise noted. Photos are meant to evoke the feelings associated with each season, and are not guaranteed for seasonal accuracy due to variations in lighting and screen resolution.

12 thoughts on “April – True Spring

  1. Interesting, as for me (and everyone I know) it’s the opposite – I’m always wearing *more* clothing in spring than I would at the same temperature in autumn! 😉 As it’s always very difficult to just suddenly let go of all layers one has worn long cold winter at once (and reveal everything that during the long cold winter was hidden beneath thick coats etc.) 😉 But all in all, a very interesting article!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting! I’m not sure where your writing from, but in Wisconsin, it seems that the first day it reaches 50 degrees, everyone is running around in shorts and tee shirts! In the autumn, the first day it drops to 50 degrees, we all are bundled in sweaters and jeans! I can certainly understand what you’re saying, though. I love autumn and winter clothing and do tend to have a tough time pulling out the shorts and shelving my jackets!


      1. I’m writing from Northern Europe (Scandinavia) 😉 So there may also be some cultural differences here. Anyway, I love this series, it’s so good to learn about all the seasons – hope the next one (LSp) is due soon! 🙂


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