June – Light Summer

Some of my Light Summer drapes


Light Summer such a gorgeously nuanced season. It’s fresh and sweet, and many colors in the palette bring to mind flowers like lilacs, daisies, and tulips. There’s a surprising earthiness to LSu, however, in its dove grays, sandy beiges, and cool browns. The hint of softness is reminiscent of colors that appear naturally in plants and animals – a rabbit’s fur has several different shades of gray that when blended together create something beautifully multi-dimensional. LSu is far from just a palette of pastels, and it’s one season that always seems to reveal something new to me when I study it.



Tell me this doesn’t smell like early summer



Things that are easy


  • Lighter shades
    • As obvious as it is, Light seasons have an easier time finding the light end of their palette. Those lighter, softer pastel shades seem to be everywhere, meaning Light Summer is one of the easier seasons to transition into after being draped. Many clients that I see who are draped LSu seem to have at least a few items in their closets already that fall within their season, and makeup is a breeze with just a simple shift to some cooler colors.
  • Neutrals
    • Many Light Summers that I drape come into their appointment already knowing that black is too harsh for them. Luckily for them, Light Summer neutrals are more widely available than one might think. For people who wear suits, a simple shift from black to light gray makes a world of difference. Denim and chambray are so ubiquitous to how we dress as a society, and these almost always can be found in the LSu range. Even some of the softer browns and taupes are very common in stores, meaning for the LSu who isn’t as interested in wearing bright colors or pastels, there are lots of choices to keep them from black.
  • Longevity of items
    • For us in the darker or brighter seasons, washing clothing is a necessary evil. No matter how well it’s done, washing (and especially drying) items makes the color fade ever so slightly, and over time this can push dyed fabrics like cotton into other seasons. For LSu, even when their colors fade, they tend to stay within the same season because they’re already somewhat soft to begin with. Of course this isn’t a hard and fast rule, and excessive fading can lead to items ending up in True or Soft Summer, but overall, LSu items tend to remain LSu longer than many other seasons.



Soft, cozy brown + a pastel = PERFECTION




Things that are hard


  • Green
    • Light Summer is full of aqua, turquoise, sea foam, and other greenish toned blues. When it comes to true greens, however choices are more limited. Many greens on the market are too soft (Soft Summer), too cool/blue toned (True Summer), too saturated (True Winter), or too warm/yellow toned (Springs). If you’re a Light Summer who loves the aqua tones, you’re in luck, because it’s more difficult to find the lovely clover greens that belong in LSu. Two years ago, I encouraged a Light Summer client to buy a beautifully flattering green swimsuit that perfectly mirrored her body lines even though it was True Winter. After a summer of being in a chlorinated pool, it was nearly perfectly Light Summer, and thankfully, it faded evenly!
  • Lipstick that isn’t pink
    • Light Summer rocks a pink lip! But if you want something other than pink, light pink, or soft pink, your choices can be limited. Coral pinks are often too warm, and berry tones tend to veer darker or brighter than some LSus can handle. The great thing about makeup is that there is so much of it out there that you will eventually be able to find something, even if it’s more elusive. The flipside of that is that items are often discontinued if they don’t sell well, so if you do happen to find a perfect Light Summer browned rose or a strawberry red, buy a backup! (And message me to tell me the brand and shade!)
  • Confusion with other seasons
    • All seasons struggle with seasonal crossover to some extent, but Light Summer in particular can fall into the mindset of thinking that all light colors are correct simply because they’re light. This can lead to a closet full of Light Spring, True Summer, or even some lighter Bright Winter colors. Light Summers (and everyone) need to make sure to swatch every item carefully, because every season has a lighter end. Once I swatched an item for a client that just didn’t seem right with the LSu palette, and after looking closer we discovered it was actually a light Dark Autumn blue! Every season has quite a big range of lighter and darker, so don’t assume that just because it’s a light color means it’s a Light Summer color.



Just color a white shirt with this marker, and you’ll have Light Summer green



Biggest Misconception

  • It’s not dramatic enough
    • For the Light Summer that wants a bit of an edge to their wardrobe, it can be difficult to find things that project that image. Of course, the darker end of the palette will look dark on a LSu, but it takes a bit of a mindset shift to start considering, say, a medium purplish brown as truly “dark” or dramatic. Just remember that color is not universal, and just because it doesn’t look dark and dramatic on the hanger doesn’t mean it won’t look that way on you. Similarly with makeup, simply shifting to doing a smokey eye with grays and browns instead of black and charcoal will give you that sexy, dramatic look without distracting from the beautiful color of your eyes. (Also remember that fashion and makeup are supposed to be fun, and feel free to throw the “rules” out the window if it makes you happy!)



My daughter’s favorite colors, so beautifully LSu!




My favorite shade

  • Periwinkle
    • I love this bluish purple on everything. Flowers, clothing, eyeshadow, my daughter’s bike… I have never seen a periwinkle item that didn’t make me turn into the heart eyes emoji. It’s far and away my favorite Light Summer color because when a LSu wears it, it can look strong, approachable, ethereal, and natural all at once. Just, wow.


Hello, sunshine!







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All photos credited to Colorgeek Studio, LLC unless otherwise noted. Photos are meant to evoke the feelings associated with each season, and are not guaranteed for seasonal accuracy due to variations in lighting and screen resolution.

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