July – True Summer

Some of my True Summer drapes



True Summer is gently refined. Pleasant and relaxed, the colors make me think of fine china, rose bushes, and luxurious fabrics like silk, lace, and chiffon. I suppose that means that, in my mind, True Summer is the English garden party of the seasons. The whole palette is full of colors that are fresh and sweet, like powder blue and cherry blossom pink, but it’s juxtaposed by a grounded quality coming from comforting cocoa browns and soft grays. Even True Summer’s deepest plum and brightest grass green are nowhere near “too deep” or “too bright” for even the most color-wary of people. It’s very approachable, as are the people who wear it well.

Simple beauty in the overlooked places

Things that are easy


  • Traditionally “cool” colors
    • From an early age, we’re told that blue, green, and purple are cool colors, and red, orange, and yellow are warm colors. While as a general rule, this isn’t necessarily wrong, but color analysis teaches us that there are warm and cool versions of every color. That said, True Summer has an especially easy time finding its cool versions of blue, green, and to a lesser extent purple (and purple-toned pinks). It’s a rare TSu who comes to my studio and doesn’t already know they look great in a light, soft blue. Forget-me-not blue and sweet, floral mauve are easy colors for TSu to start incorporating into the wardrobe.
  • Glasses
    • Choosing a glasses color can be tricky for all seasons, but TSu has the distinct advantage at this moment in fashion. Lightly tinted crystal frames and opaque plastic in pastel shades are everywhere right now, and TSu can wear many versions of it beautifully. Whether it be a light blue, cloudy gray, or even a true clear, this trend seems to be made for TSu. Even wire frames in silver, pewter, or a lightened metallic pink or turquoise will harmonize well. TSu does need to be careful not to go too dark or warm toned with frames, but there are so many amazing choices for this season available!
  • Color blocking
    • Color blocking can be intimidating for those in the brighter seasons. If you’re a Bright Winter, pairing banana yellow and bubblegum pink can be downright intimidating if you’re not used to wearing such distinct colors together. For a True Summer, they sort of exist in this sweet spot where the season’s contrast is not quite as stark as the more saturated seasons, but not as low as the neighboring Soft seasons. This means that pairing a TSu pink with a medium green doesn’t seem as daunting, but still fulfills the eye-catching idea of color blocking.




Very cool, blue-based brown looks amazing next to soft white




Things that are hard


  • Hair dye
    • True summers probably have the hardest time with hair dye out of all the seasons. Many hair dyes will turn warmer than desired when they oxidize over time, but for warm and neutral seasons, this is less obvious than it is on a TSu. Because True Summers tend to have naturally lighter hair than the other true cool season, True Winter (though not always!), the warm tones can look more obvious faster. Therefore, it’s especially important for TSus who wish to dye their hair to go for cooler ash browns and blondes. Making sure to work with a colorist who is familiar with working with cool-toned hair is also essential!
  • Traditionally “warm” colors
    • As noted above, colors we tend to think of as “warm,” such as red, orange, and yellow, are less commonly found for TSus. Reds tend to be Winter, true oranges are more Autumn and Spring, and I’ve never draped a True Summer who thinks they look good in yellow. Of course, TSu does have a yellow, but it’s not very commonly produced and therefore many TSus have never seen themselves in a yellow that works for them until the draping. TSu does have some cool corals as well, but again, designers tend to favor the warmer-toned versions of coral, so they’re rare in the wild.
  • Eye makeup
    • This isn’t necessarily difficult, per se, but eye makeup tends to be a bit of a shift for TSu. Black is too heavy and dark for most TSus, but we’re often told that black mascara is the only appropriate choice for a completed makeup look. I wholeheartedly disagree. Using a soft, grayed brown or a brownish black when getting all glammed up can make such a difference in balancing what is probably a very delicate eye color. The same goes for eyeliner; even more fun shades like burgundy and spruce are so much better for TSu than black. Of course, makeup is fun and sometimes we’re not going for just harmony in our look, but in terms of what’s going to complement the True Summer best, I strongly encourage cool browns, charcoals, plums, and navy shades for eyeliner and mascara over black.




True Summer coral is soft and bluish




Biggest Misconception


  • Mousy hair
    • The Myth of The Mousy Hair is going to be the name of my novel about color analysis (not really). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people, especially True Summers, lament to me about how boring their natural hair color is and how they’re coming  to me so I can tell  them how to dye it to make it  more  NO. STOP THIS. I think hair dye is amazing and of course I will always help you to choose a color that will work with your season. Buuuuuuut… I love people’s natural hair color. There’s so much nuance coming out of everyone’s head, and I seriously get chills when I see the way natural hair color complements an individual’s season. True Summers tend to feel this way often because their natural coloring is so very cool that any bit of warmth just overpowers all of that beautiful dimension. When we look at their natural hair next to the drapes, we can see it’s actually quite stunning and rich, it’s just very cool and needs to have cool colors next to it in order to truly shine. I am never against hair dye unless you feel like you need dye to make your hair more interesting. You’re not mousy, you’re just not wearing the right colors.



New babies!




My favorite shade


  • Rose
    • This softened, bluish pink is honestly one of my favorite drapes in my whole set. It’s got such an understated beauty, and the way it brings out a TSu blue eye is simply magical.


This scarf pops so beautifully next to this drape!








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All photos credited to Colorgeek Studio, LLC unless otherwise noted. Photos are meant to evoke the feelings associated with each season, and are not guaranteed for seasonal accuracy due to variations in lighting and screen resolution.

10 thoughts on “July – True Summer

  1. “I’d love to read a novel called The Myth of The Mousy Hair”! 😉 TSu is far from the only season suffering from this misconception though, in fact almost any season can have hair they feel or think is “mousy”, though mostly they seem to be cool or cool-neutral. But even many Brights feel this way, if they haven’t been wearing their correct colours…


    1. You’re absolutely right, one’s natural hair looks so much richer in the correct season! I just seem to have this conversation with many True Summers because they really don’t have much wiggle room in terms of warmth, which is tough with dye.


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