img_9430I’m Alane. I’m the ColorGeek.

I was trained in the Sci/ART system of Personal Color Analysis in 2015 by Terry Wildfong of Your Natural Design. Since then, I have seen countless faces, discovered the beauty of every season, and spent way more time on Pinterest than I ever thought I would.

Most of my business is done in my studio, located near Milwaukee, WI (roughly 90 miles north of Chicago).

I’ve always been interested in beauty, fashion, skincare, and all things fancy. I also love math, science, and research. As a color analyst, I am able to combine those two sides of my personality into one big, colorful, geeky passion.

My other hobbies include baking, reading, hiking, yoga, cat-petting, Star Wars-watching, and coffee.

I have an engineer husband, three GeekBabies, and three sassy kitties. All have their own unique ways of letting me know when I’ve spent too much time on Pinterest.