What if I hate my colors?

This is a common fear, and an understandable one. I always tell my clients that your season is made up of a certain KIND of colors rather than only one color of the rainbow. Everyone has some form of nearly every color. This is great, because it means you won’t have to give up purple if it’s your favorite color. At the same time, it might be difficult to find your specific kind of purple, especially at certain times of the year. That is the double-edged sword of PCA – you don’t have to give up purple, but you may have to change the way you look at purple.

How will I know what to buy?

So you’ve had your analysis, and you have a season. Great! Now what? All of my appointment packages include a canvas swatchbook of colors specifically for your season. This is your best tool when it comes to shopping, and I will go over with you how to use it. I also send you a detailed packet of follow-up information after your appointment, which includes things like general tips, makeup suggestions, and further online resources.

What if my hair is dyed?

You do NOT have to stop dyeing your hair, though your natural hair color will always work with your skin tone and eye color. Many of my clients fall in love with their natural color over the course of the draping, particularly those who previously thought their hair was “mousy” or boring. Your season will bring out your hair’s natural highlights and nuances, but it’s certainly not the only choice! If you choose to dye, I will discuss with you what sorts of colors and temperatures to look for, as well as what to say to your stylist.

Do I have to buy a new wardrobe?

Absolutely not! It is my hope that PCA will help you make more intentional shopping choices. Some of my clients buy a few new tops or cosmetics immediately post-analysis, but it is certainly not necessary. In fact, many of them say their PCA has helped them save money. Instead of buying a piece simply because it’s on sale, they are able to wait for items that complement them.

Does my season change?

Many people wonder if their season changes over the course of the year, either due to a natural tan or changes in hair color. Rest assured that whether your draping is in January or July, your result will be the same. As far as changing seasons over the course of one’s life, that is up for debate. Some analysts say it never changes, some say you may find yourself gravitating toward different colors within your same season as you age. Personally, I am of the opinion that your season does not change dramatically due to aging.

What if I’ve already had an analysis in another system?

If you have been draped in another system of color analysis, your season may be the same or it may be different. I am unable to determine season just by looking at someone, or just by looking at hair/eye/skin color.

Can I be analyzed online?

No. Between white balance, background choices, and lighting options, I do not feel comfortable performing a PCA any way other than in person, with my own equipment.

Can men benefit from this?

Anyone who wears clothing can benefit from PCA. The vast majority of the men I know wear clothing, so yes.

What if you get my season wrong?

Sometimes your season is perfectly in line with what you’ve always felt looks best on you. Sometimes it’s a major change. Feeling uncomfortable in your season at first isn’t necessarily an indication that it’s “wrong.” The draping process is designed to be as objective as possible. I am trained to analyze your face with my drapes, and we have many built-in checks and balances throughout the draping. However, there is certainly a human element to PCA, and since I am human, I could make a different choice than another analyst looking at the same drape. If, after living in your season for a while, you still feel like it’s not working, please contact me. I am here to help, and it is part of the service you’re paying for. Re-drapes happen occasionally, and while we usually end up in the same season, we might end up somewhere else.