I absolutely loved this experience – Lanie is extremely professional and has awesome attention to detail. She helped me learn what colors I look great in and ones I should avoid, which I have always had trouble with. Thank you so much for all of your help, Lanie! (And for the confidence boost!)

Victoria Kurtz

Lanie’s attention to detail and visual acuity to decipher the impacts of colors on one another is excellent. She clearly communicated all ways that each different drape affected my skin, and contours of my face. She took the time to ensure we were on the same wavelength…Lanie is a very talented color analyst and I would absolutely recommend her for PCA or her other services.

Joel Mertes

Loved my PCA by Alane at Colorgeek Studio! She made me feel comfortable and included throughout the process and gave me a fundamental understanding of why I look good in the colors I look good in. The level of continued support Alane provides post draping has also been invaluable to me. With her help I have started to fill my closet and makeup case with items that I feel totally confident in. I had such an amazing experience and cannot recommend Colorgeek Studio enough!

Brittany Schumaker

Colorgeek did my color draping and it was a wonderful, fun and educational experience. Knowing what colors work best for me has opened a whole different world for knowing how to dress myself and feeling confident in what I dress in every day.

Meg Knaup-Pooch

Lanie does a great job! Very patient, explains everything she’s doing as she goes. I’m not good at picking colors, and tend toward “safe” colors. Knowing what colors do to my face was very helpful, and I can’t wait to try this out with my next shopping trip!

Christin Strong