The Analysis

In short, Personal Color Analysis (PCA) is the process by which we determine which colors best complement your natural skin tone.

I am trained in the Sci/ART system of PCA, which is based on Albert H. Munsell’s color theory. Color only looks the way it does to our eye because of the colors surrounding it. Your skin, eyes, and hair only look the way they do because of the shades you wear and surround yourself with.

According to Munsell, any given color has three dimensions:

  • Hue and Heat: What color is it? How warm or cool is it?
  • Value: How dark or light is it?
  • Chroma: How bright or soft is it?

What we think of as “complementary” colors are those that have the same or similar dimensions. Our goal is to find out what dimensions work with YOU. We do this by isolating your unique tone and observing the effects that different colors produce on your face. Some of those effects may be:

  • More even skin tone
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased definition of bone structure
  • Clearer, brighter eyes
  • Whiter teeth

At the conclusion of your analysis, you will be placed into one of twelve color categories, or “seasons.” Your season is merely the name of your category, and has less to do with your actual hair, eye, and skin color as it does with the observations listed above.

In addition to the changes you will see in the mirror, PCA will streamline the way you shop, dress, and apply makeup. Not only will all of the colors in your season work with your skin, they will all work with each other. PCA gives you definitive answers, practical resources, and direction.

As a certified analyst, I am able to provide you with those answers using the best materials in the business. I am not a stylist, nor am I interested in placing you in a category that doesn’t work for you. I want to see YOU, exactly the way you are. My training and expertise help me do that.